TEDxOhioStateUniversity Hide or Seek 2018


Event Theme: Hide or Seek

The theme TEDxOhioStateUniversity's 2018 event was Hide or Seek. This play on the classic childhood game can mean a variety of things to a variety of people. Behind such a large event lies a strong team to put it together, you can see the compete project here, but below you will find my contributions to the 2018 TEDxOhioStateUniversity main stage event.

My role: 

Stage Design & Event Animation


Design Concept: 

With the theme Hide or Seek, we decided to take a playful approach to the design of our materials. We focused on having childhood games at the main event and our design and marketing materials centered on visual illusions and the idea of hiding and revealing. You can choose to Hide or Seek.


Event Intro Animation


My role: 

I brainstormed and storyboarded a one minute speaker introduction animation and animated it all using Adobe After Effects.


Stage Design


My role: 

I design and brainstormed concepts for the final stage, rendered and created technical documents, and coordinated the construction, assembly, and lighting for the stage set-up.

Other Design Components

Jenga - TEDx OSU (Laura Peshek - Ohio State University Office of Student Life)  .jpg

My role: 

I helped other members of the design team execute their plans for a giant Jenga set. My contribution was to cut and sand many of the wooden game pieces.

My Favorite Talks From the Event